Welcome to The Anawim Uganda's Official Website

The Anawim are a 'family' of contemporary Catholic Ugandan recording artistes, songwriters and performers that aim to reach out to people of all faiths, backgrounds and ages, through music. They are a family of musicians determined to engage their time and talent toward spreading the great message of the gospel, and further the teachings of the Catholic Church.

"Our music aims to inspire prayer, reflection, instruction and joy. It is our deepest desire, that even in some small way we will bring the listener closer to Jesus Christ."

The Anawim's music is passionate, honest and joyful. Lyrically, it expresses the thoughts, emotions and bitter-sweetness of the day-to-day experiences of a post-modern faith pilgrim.

The Anawim have a particular ability to present the Christian message through song in a way that makes people want to sit up and listen, get up and dance. Listening to Anawim's music is always a chance to tingle from head to foot.

"We want the audience, whether young or old, to find something that they can grab on to and take home." says Fr. Michael. We believe that music is a powerful evangelistic tool capable of breaking new spiritual ground besides animating other traditional media of spreading the Word.

 We hope that the love of Jesus we express in our music will in turn inspire and move your very soul too.