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The ANAWIM family biographies have been spread across four separate panels: The Family, Fr. Michael Ssenfuma, Fr. Simon Lukyamuzi and Edward Ntege. In order to access them, please click on their respective greyed tabs below.


The ANAWIM family informally debuted in June 2004 as the trio (Fr. Michael, Fr. Simon & Edward) underwent seminary formation at Kinyamasika National Seminary. The group back then wrote Catholic praise songs in a combination of three languages: English, Italian and Luganda. Community get-togethers served as their platform for showcasing music talent in a fashion never dared before within formation circles. The enthusiasm with which they pursued their objectives reawakened in their contemporaries a desire to participate much more in Catholic youth ministry.

At the close of July 2004, the trio determined to take the dream to a professional level. This is when the group caught the eye of one of Uganda’s esteemed producers, Henry Kiwuuwa, then attached to No-End entertainment recording studios. By December the same year, the group had recorded with him five finely blended songs: Omukama (My God), Strengthen my Heart, I’ll follow you and Shine on Me (the three done in R&B) and Njagala (I desire), a groovy Kwaito hit that later became the group’s maiden album title song.

The trio shortly after wrote and performed the Theme Songs for the 2005 AMECEA (Associated Member Episcopal Conferences of Eastern Africa) Plenary meeting on the plight of AIDS: Start from Today & Ekitiibwa Kyaffe (Our glory emanates from the Lord). These enjoyed commendable reception as well. The trio then wrapped up its maiden album with Sancta Maria, giving testimony to its strong devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The group has recorded with other producers as well, worthy mentioning here are: Steve Jean (Fenon Studios), Andrew Kiwanuka (Soul Records), David Mukalazi (Maestro Sounds), and Washington alongside Paddy Kayiwa (Dream Studios). This gave its maiden album a unique blend of R&B, Kwaito, Hip-hop, Dancehall and serene contemporary Gospel genres. The group on the 8th of January 2006 launched this 7-track album featuring a variety of upcoming Catholic gospel artists. The event was well attended by over 1000 fans and covered by a number of local leading media houses including: The New Vision, The Red Pepper, Bukedde and The Monitor. “This was the first of its kind in Catholic circles”, some of the Anawim fans were heard commenting.

The group didn’t retire at audio production, but also explored the video industry; shooting its debut album video with one of East Africa’s best video crews: Twisted/Mega vision. This video has received considerable airplay on three Television Stations: East African Television, WBS TV (Gospel Soul) and UBC TV, evangelising many across East Africa. The airing of its second album's theme video, Teri Akusinga (Your are the Lord of All) is now on.

The trio pride in producing youthful contemporary records which they believe deeply enhance ministering to youths of diverse backgrounds. They have featured and been featured in several music projects and pastoral conventions, alongside renowned local and international artists: Christian and secular. Among these, are Fr. Stan Fortuna (South Bronx, USA), Fr. Anthony Musaala and other celebrated artists.

The group commits to the promotion of mutually-enriching professional working relationships with all its partners: religious, financial and educational institutions, media houses, fellow artists and fans. Among other projects, the group is currently planning on animating this facility with online forums and chatrooms which they believe will eventually narrow experiential gaps and foster socio-religious networking.

Everyone that has contributed to their mission is deeply thanked. Your contribution is priceless.

May God bless you all.


Don Michael (2006)

Early life

Fr. Michael Don Senfuma was born in Nsambya hospital, Kampala district, Uganda, to Mr. John Bechmans Kintu and Ms. Susan Ndagire Namugwanya. He was raised up in Masaka district where his father lives in a small village called Nkalwe. His parents divorced while he was very young and so never lived with both of them simultaneously.

Fr. Michael loved and appreciated music right from the age of 8. He used to admire the seminarians play the organ at Nkoni parish where he would attend masses as an altar server.

Later, while attending school at St. Louis Kabulassoke primary school and St. Clement SSS, Fr. Michael joined the choir where he featured prominently as conductor and tenor. On admission to Bukalasa seminary, Fr. Michael joined the company of two fellow seminarians that had exceptional talent at playing the pipe organ: Michael Mukasa and Andrew Njogerere. These were to eventually usher him into the more sophisticated culture of musicianship that many today associate him with.

After completing formation at Bukalasa seminary, Fr. Michael was admitted to Alokolum National seminary in Gulu from where he graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies.

Between 2000 and 2001 Fr. Michael was posted to Kijjukizo parish in Lyantonde for a year's pastoral experience. While there, he interacted with youth of profound inspiration that would a few years later invigorate his own passion for music, youth apostolate and performance arts.

In 2002, while at kinyamasika NMS, Fr. Michael teamed up with fellow seminarians: Edward (Aydie) and Fr. Simon with whom he determined to take their talent at writing, recording and performing religious contemporary music to a higher level.

Music/ministerial profile

After completing his formation and graduating with a Bachelors degree in Theology and religious studies, Fr. Michael was ordained priest, by Bishop John B. Kaggwa on August 7th, 2005. Fr. Michael's first appointment was as assistant parish priest at Villa Maria parish. Alongside other ministerial obligations, Fr. Michael remained deeply involved in the mission and calendar of the Anawim, especially serving as Director. Together with the duo, Fr. Michael has ably participated in ministering to charismatic renewal conventions in the UK, inter-university prayer meetings in Uganda, performing at the Harrel conference in Mbarara, fundraising for Kinnyamasika National seminary, among other evangelistic duty calls.

Fr. Michael, together with Fr. Stanslaus Fortuna, an American priest is currently working on the inception and running of a Dare 4 mo International Conference, that will aim to attract and showcase youth energy whilst promoting positive growth.

Fr. Michael confessed to believing in challenging the young church especially in impoverished and marginalized communities to utilize every opportunity that can help them harness their spiritual, academic and musical skills, and spur them into fully developed individuals.

'God is more than willing to make everyone purposeful if we depend on him, work hard and live to our best. Dont sit back and watch others do their best, be the one to make it happen for God and others. Start today.....'


Don Simon (2006)

Early life

Fr. Simon, now a Roman catholic priest, was born in Nsambya Hospital - Kampala district, to the late Catherine and Henry Kakooza. May their souls rest in eternal peace!

Fr. Simon loved music since nursery school. When he joined primary school at Mugwanya Preparatory School - Kabojja, this passion grew even stronger - thanks to his teachers who determined to acquaint him with the rudiments of music, singing and choir conducting.

Good memory goes to the Brothers of Christian instruction that run the school and Mr. Luswata, the then school choir's director. "These and many others did impact on me as I was always impressed when we performed out of school and we did so well", says Fr. Simon in a grateful tone. Fr. Simon finally mastered his 'thing' while at Kisubi minor seminary where he attended a series of music lessons and diocesan music festivals.

On completing his minor seminary formation, Fr. Simon continued to Katigondo major seminary, from where he graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social and Philosophical studies of Makerere University.

Between 2001 and 2002, Fr. Simon was posted to a remote community in Kitimbwa parish for a year's pastoral experience. While there, he interacted with a number of youth groups on various socio-spiritual empowerment projects. In 2003 while at Kinyamasika NMS, Fr. Simon teamed up with Ntege and Fr. Michael to muster their song-writing, recording, producing and performance skills towards a common philosophy - The Anawim Dream.

Music/ministerial profile.

After completing his formation and graduating with a bachelor of arts degree in Theological studies, fr. Simon was ordained priest by bishop Mathias Ssekamanya on the 29th of July 2006 at Lugazi Cathedral. Fr. Simon's first appointment was to Kayunga parish as curate. Alongside his curatorial duties, Fr. Simon remained deeply involved in the activities of the Anawim, especially serving as public relations secretary. Together with the trio, fr. simon has put up amazing performances and produced sensational music records.

Fr. Simon is currently supplying both as animator and regional publicist for The Anawim besides his curatorial duties at Namiryango parish, Lugazi diocese.


Early life

Ntege, now an information-systems developer and moderator of The Anawim promotional campaign, was born in Kampala, Uganda, to Christine and Gerald Namukule. Ntege, the third of three siblings, had a slightly different upbringing, one that hoped to turn him into a 'man of the cloth'.

Ntege loved and appreciated music right from the age of 8 when he is remembered to have loved taking to the dance floor during house-parties. The thrill he found in music and performance eventually saw him take on a choir-master’s role while in Primary six at Mugwanya Preparatory school, Kabojja. From there on, Ntege kept appearing in church choirs at music festivals, as a soprano and later a tenor. During his times and probably up to this day, Nyenga Seminary, under the chaplaincy of Fr. Peter Ntege (his music mentor), boasted producing the biggest number of formidable choir trainers, directors, keyboardists, pianists and guitarists that would often supply in other secondary schools and parish choirs. Ntege grabbed this opportunity, learning music directing, writing and composition, playing jazz drumsets, guitars and keyboards in addition to stage performance.

Ntege continued his seminary formation at Alokolum National Major Seminary, then affiliated to Makerere University, where he graduated in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social and Philosophical studies. While there, Ntege teamed up with Fr. Michael Ssenfuma, improving his guitar and performance skills during preparations for seminary community events. Little was apparent to him then that this bonding would later give birth to The Anawim.

Between June 2002 and August 2003, Ntege was posted to his alma mater, Nyenga Seminary for a year’s pastoral experience. While there, Ntege worked closely with Fr. Peter Richard Ntege, his earlier mentor that was then working in Milwaukee, USA coordinating the failed USA-tour that the seminary choir was being scheduled to take that year. Ntege supplied as local coordinator and animator among the community of choristers and chaperons, giving him a real taste of what it meant to coordinate and mobilise group promotional campaigns and music tours, among other details.

Later that year, while at Kinyamasika National Major Seminary, Ntege together with Frs. Simon and Michael re-affirmed their love for music, as a result conceiving The Anawim. They used this opportunity to hone their talent at writing, recording, producing and performing sacred contemporary music towards a higher cause – promoting the Anawim philosophy.

Music/ministerial profile

At the end of his third year at Kinyamasika, in May 2006, Ntege stepped out of the formation to the priesthood and pursued further studies and a career in computing and information systems.

Besides trailing this new career path, Ntege continues to coordinate the promotion of The Anawim as a trendy contemporary Catholic music family. A family that aims to reach out beyond diocesan and national confines to challenge fellow youths into optimizing their giftedness in music, preaching and performance to support evangelistic causes. Together with the rest of the family, Ntege, has participated in ministering at charismatic conventions, signing recording contracts, producing sensational records/albums and performing at several music events.