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Names: Edward Ntege |Post No: 177 [2/26/2018 4:45:31 AM]
It has been quite a while since we last run a performance. Hopefully 2018 won't end without us putting on one. Be blessed.

Names: Jude Kafuuma |Post No: 167 [8/27/2016 9:37:19 AM]
Hello Anawim Ministries. Thank you for the good evangelization work through the music and arts. How can I get a t-shirt for myself and my wife? Can you mail it to our USA address? Best

Names: Edward Ntege |Post No: 162 [12/9/2015 6:18:03 AM]
Congrats on the papal performance. It was memorable indeed.

Names: Henry Ssebwana |Post No: 72 [5/9/2014 5:55:46 AM]
Fr.Michael, the little we can do, indeed we must do. May God bless the Anawim mission.. Bravo brothers.

Names: John francis Luke Siple |Post No: 52 [7/20/2013 6:56:52 PM]
Dear & lovely Father Michael, I had the fortune to be touched twice yesterday, hearing via internet radio, Life On the Rock. I have only a limited monthly income, so Prayers and having the moral courage to associate more in community affairs as an act of evangelism I can offer in your Community of God's anawim. I learned the term living for 7 months at Madonna House in Canada. The 'B' & Fr. Eddie were alive then. I was consecrated a slave to Our Lady then, in the bi-liturgical atmosphere of the community. Many people donated "stuff" regularly to the place for distribution for the anawim there. Your talk, singing, and explanation of God's design for the earth was true and inspirational. Bravo for God's getting you out to show the West what Ch

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